Miscellaneous Records and Statistics - No Balls and Wides - Debited Against Bowler
Prior to 1983 only runs scored off the bat were debited against bowlers. That year saw the introduction of a rule that debited No Balls and Wides against bowlers.
However, the new rule was not introduced uniformly in every test playing country. The following table shows the date of the first match played in each country with the new rule being applied.
Countries not shown played their first matches after the rule was introduced.
Country Rule Introduced
Australia 11th November, 1983
England 13th June, 1983
India 14th September, 1983
New Zealand 18th January, 1985
Pakistan 17th October, 1984
South Africa 13th November, 1992
Sri Lanka 30th August, 1985
West Indies 2nd March, 1984