About howstat.com
HowSTAT specialises in the collection, analysis and presentation of meaningful and interesting records and statistics for all forms of international cricket.
The HowSTAT story began in the early 1990's in Adelaide, South Australia, when a group of friends with a passion for cricket needed a resource to help them settle some of those arguments and bets that arise when a group like this get together over a meal and a bottle of wine. A couple of members of this group went on to create a database of cricket scorecards from which a wide range of records and statistics are produced.
As time progressed more and more people became interested in what had become a considerable resource. Radio stations looking for quiz questions, journalists looking for an angle, coaches looking for an answer and punters looking for information to help with the "winning bet". Eventually the decision was made to create a website and howstat.com launched in December 2000.
If you have any comments, suggestions or records or statistics you would like to see, we welcome your thoughts. We are always happy to hear from our site users or anyone interested in cricket statistics.
Ask the Statistician
From time to time cricket lovers have a statistics related question to which they can not find the answer. If you have such a question, we invite you to ask our statistician and we will attempt to find an answer.
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Cricket is truly one of the most international sports in the world today. It is the major sport in countries with a combined population of close to 2 billion people. Cricket is a religion to those who love the game. One of the most interesting aspects of this game we love is its rich history of records and statistics. Cricket and statistics go hand in hand.
HowSTAT site visitors are predominantly male, aged 25-65 years, computer literate and are well educated decision makers with considerable purchasing power. If you need to reach large numbers of this upmarket sector, this site is for you and your product.