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The History of the United States and Canada's ICC Men's T20 Rivalry: The Stakes During the 2024 Event

Sports rivalries are infamous for the players on the competing teams having beef with one another and even the fans of those teams sharing a beef with each other, too. The rivalry between the United States and Canada cricket teams is no different. The history of the rivalry between the United States and Canada cricket teams during the ICC Men's T20 events stems back to 180 years ago when it all started in 1844.

In Canada you can bet online when it's time for the long-awaited cricket tournament this summer! Betting on the money lines, as long as you select the team that actually wins the tournament, is the most simplistic way to possibly land a betting win. Be aware that every bet is a gamble and will not guarantee you a pay out. Make your best bet and remember to have fun with it whether you win or lose!

Where Will the US and Canada Cricket Teams Face Off?

The first day of the 2024 ICC Men's T20 cricket event will begin on June 1, 2024 in Dallas, Texas at the Grand Prairie Stadium. During the month of June from the 1st to the 29th, there will be 55 total matches played amongst the enrolled teams in nine cities across the world to determine who will win the World Cup trophy. Three of the matches will be played in the United States, of course including the first one that will take place in Dallas, Texas.

What Was the First Match Between the US and Canada Like In 1844?

The first match between the United States and Canada's international cricket teams took place back in September 1844 in Manhattan, New York over at St George's Cricket Club. This clash was for the Auty Cup that was the deciding factor in Canada's Prime Minister at the time, John A. Macdonald, to name cricket as the official sport of the country in 1867.

Besides the United States and Canada competing in the T20 World Cup this year, there are 18 other teams vying for that event trophy. While Canada has been in this international event a total of four times with their last appearance in 2007, the United States team never once was able to compete in the World Cup for cricket.

The Rise and Fall of Cricket's Popularity in the United States

The United States partnered with the Caribbean for this upcoming World Cup event to help make cricket more popular amongst American viewers. Baseball became more popular in the 19th century in America and shadowed out cricket's influence on the nation to become a lesser popular viewing sport.

Back before baseball became more popular in America, cricket was the more liked sport amongst residents. Mainly during the Civil War is when baseball started making more of an impact and overtaking cricket. However, cricket is making a comeback in America primarily thanks to South Asian immigrants that want to spectate the game.

What Will the First Game of the ICC Men's T20 Event Hold?

Because of Canada's participation in prior World Cup events, they will more than likely be the favored team between them and the United States. However, there's the quintessential sports motto that the underdogs could probably come out on top of a new event depending on their training and how much work they are willing to put in to reach the goal. We can only wait until June 1, 2024 when the clash between the United States and Canada happens for the Cricket World Cup to find out which team will be declared the victor.