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Spectators At the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Surpasses That Of 2015

The ICC Men's World Cricket Cup is a quadrennial event where the best cricket teams worldwide gather at one of the notable cricket sports stadiums from around the globe to see which the best team will win. Every World Cricket Cup brings more spectators as the popularity of the sport continues to grow since the event's inception in 1975.

Spectators at the Cricket World Cup 2023 were 1,250,307 in all when the tournament that lasted for a month and a half took place in India. This is 233,887 more spectators than compared to the 2015 Cricket World Cup that took place in Australia and New Zealand, which yielded an outcome of 1,016,420 cricket fans in the local sports stadiums.

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Past Popular Cricket World Cup Events

The 2015 Cricket World Cup event is now the second most watched since the record was broken this year. The 2019 Cricket World Cup event that took place in Wales and England brought 752,000 spectators to their stadiums.

The Women's T20 World Cup 2023 was also a highly viewed cricket event this year. The viewing hours were up by 44% in comparison to the 2020 event. This equated to 192 million viewing hours with remote spectators from across the globe.

Just like men's cricket events, women's international cricket events have been rising in viewership, too. There were 89 million spectators back in 2020 which was a 131% increase of the spectators that were clocked in for the corresponding 2018 event.

Broadcast and Viewership Records Broken During the Cricket World Cup 2023

About 364.2 million viewers from India watched the 18 beginning matches of the Cricket World Cup 2023 from their television and smart devices. The total broadcast record broken is a 43% increase from the broadcast records that were set in 2019.

Of this 364 million figure, about 76 million fans peaked on linear while 43 million of them peaked on digital. The match between Pakistan and India's cricket teams on October 14 clocked in the most viewers of a match during the event at 76 million people who watched from their televisions and 35 million spectators on digital devices.

The New Zealand versus India bout a week after increased the record for the number of fans that were spectating from digital devices, which totaled 43 million viewers. This was the most spectators to have ever witnessed a cricket match on digital devices in history.

Who Won the Men's Cricket World Cup 2023?

On Sunday, November 19, 2023, after a hard six weeks of the Cricket World Cup 2023 tournament, the Australian cricket team claimed victory. The Aussies defeated India by 6 wickets with 42 balls remaining. Australia's score was 241/4 while India's score was 240, which meant it was a very close match indeed.

Looking Forward to World Cup 2027

Both the next men's Cricket World Cup and women's T20 World Cup aren't for another four years in 2027. Hence, there's more time to wait and see how spectatorship, broadcast records, and viewership records will fare for those events.

Until then, keep up with your favorite ICC men's and women's cricket teams leading up to their next World Cup events. Don't be afraid to bet on your favorite teams now and then with caution while having fun spectating international cricket.