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How Today's Digital Casino Is Squashing The Brick-And-Mortar Dinosaurs Of The Past... Or Is It?

We see in many parts of life that the digital world is trumping the physical world - it's just so convenient. Who wants to run to the store to buy a specific item, only to find that they're out of it anyway, when you can just order it online and have it within (often) just one day? On the other side, a lot of us are complaining about brick-and-mortar stores closing and the fact that we can't get the things we want locally, so this is a bit of a double-edged sword... but it's leading to some interesting phenomena, including in the world of casinos.

Now we've had online casinos since 1996, so to be clear, what we're looking at isn't new, but as with anything, it took them a while to get going. Today, though? They are positive behemoths - who hasn't at least seen online casinos advertised, and taken a peek at their offerings? And what's interesting here is that casinos have a much bigger audience than the brick-and-mortar establishments could ever have, because... well, the online space includes a lot of people and advertising can be done in far more places. When you combine that with the fact that they now have access to people across the globe, rather than just those located close, it's no surprise digital casinos have a whole lot going for them. But what other benefits are there of playing online?

Digital Casinos Have Games Galore

Even the best, biggest, and brightest physical casinos have a limitation when it comes to space. It doesn't matter how neatly they arrange their machines, how much square footage they boast, or how compact their gaming tables are... they're still limited. That means that in a physical casino, while you certainly do get a lot of variety, it simply can't compete. You've got to go digital if you want a seemingly endless array of games.

And do online casinos make the most of this? You bet (pun intended). Most online casinos will have stacks of games for you to try. You've only got to click on one of their sites to see a whole list of the top real casino games, just waiting to be explored! Some of the biggest casino names even provide sports betting, so you can do things like bet on the World Test Championships if you fancy a different kind of challenge. Not a bad option!

They've Got The Convenience

The big thing about the online world? It's easy! We don't have to stand up! We don't have to get dressed or go out! We can just sit and play. And yes, humans are likely wired for laziness, so that really speaks to most of us, and it's one of the biggest draws the digital casinos have got. It's not like any of us want to go out unless we have to!

It's so much easier to sit at home, create a blanket fort, and play for a few hours without having to think about any of the logistics of leaving. Pajama day with poker? Blankets with blackjack? Relaxing with roulette? Who wouldn't say yes to all three?

But, that said, even with those two huge advantages, we don't think digital casinos are going to eliminate physical casinos any time soon, even if they grab some of the (very big) pie. There's one good reason why...

They Can't Quite Capture The Atmosphere

Now, before we start, let's acknowledge that digital casinos have done a lot to try to nail down the atmosphere of the physical casino - they've got the flashing lights, they've got forums where players can chat, they've got live dealers, and more... and they've done a great job, but no, they haven't got "it" quite. Physical casinos are always going to have that little extra something.

Not sure about this? Well, it won't ring true for everyone, for sure (and we love digital casinos, don't get us wrong) but have you ever thought about how you still enjoy physical books, even though most of us have e-readers these days? Sure, an e-reader has a lot of benefits - you can fit thousands of books into one tiny place, you don't lose your page, you can turn on the light, maybe even browse the internet... but books still have a place, and they're not getting wiped out by the digital versions.

The same is true for the physical casinos. Sure, the digital world is unquestionably grabbing a huge chunk of the market, but the lights in Las Vegas and Macau are not dimming just because of that. These cities have a lifeblood and heartbeat that's all their own, and the casinos never sleep - nor do their punters. We think that's good news, because it means we get the best of both worlds: we've got convenience and variety, alongside the option to go to a physical casino when we really want a special night out.