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In 1977 World Series Cricket (WSC) was created by Australian media magnate Kerry Packer to play matches for his television network (Channel Nine). The competition comprised three teams - WSC Australia, WSC West Indies and a WSC World XI - which played a number of so called "Supertests", as well as One Day matches.
The Australian Cricket Board (ACB) with the backing of the International Cricket Council (ICC) was opposed to the new organisation and players signing to play World Series Cricket were banned from playing in matches under ICC control.
An agreement was reached between Channel Nine and the Australian Cricket Board in 1979 and the WSC players returned to playing for their respective countries, and World Series Cricket came to an end.
To this day, matches played under the auspices of WSC are not recognised as either Test matches or even First Class matches.
However, the majority of the fifty odd players who took part in the competition represented the cream of world cricket talent at that time, with the result that the standard of cricket was equal to or even higher than that of recognised test matches.
Because the WSC matches are not officially recognised, the official statistics of the participating players are not a true representation of their careers. Therefore we are pleased to provide scorecards for the 16 "Supertests" played during this time, together with statistics for the participants.