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 World Cup Players (S)
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Name Country Matches
Sabbir Rahman Bangladesh 8 Matches
Sadiq Mohammad Pakistan 7 Matches
Saeed Ajmal Pakistan 3 Matches
Saeed Anwar Pakistan 21 Matches
Saeed-Al-Saffar United Arab Emirates 1 Matches
Saleem Elahi Pakistan 4 Matches
Saleem Malik Pakistan 27 Matches
Saleem Raza United Arab Emirates 4 Matches
Saleem Yousuf Pakistan 7 Matches
Salim Jaffer Pakistan 5 Matches
Salmond, G Scotland 5 Matches
Samad, A M Canada 4 Matches
Samarasekera, J A United Arab Emirates 5 Matches
Samarasekera, M A R Sri Lanka 8 Matches
Samaraweera, T T Sri Lanka 9 Matches
Samiullah Shinwari Afghanistan 9 Matches
Sammy, D J G West Indies 14 Matches
Samuels, M N West Indies 16 Matches
Sandher, K T Canada 1 Matches
Sandhu, B S India 8 Matches
Sangakkara, K C Sri Lanka 37 Matches
Santner, M J New Zealand 10 Matches
Sanwar Hossain Bangladesh 6 Matches
Saqlain Haider United Arab Emirates 1 Matches
Saqlain Mushtaq Pakistan 14 Matches
Sarfaraz Ahmed Pakistan 11 Matches
Sarfraz Nawaz Pakistan 11 Matches
Sarwan, R R West Indies 21 Matches
Sattaur, A F Canada 3 Matches
Sayed Shirzad Afghanistan 1 Matches
Schewe, M M C Netherlands 5 Matches
Schiferli, E Netherlands 6 Matches
Scholte, R H Netherlands 3 Matches
Sealy, G R Canada 3 Matches
Seebaran, B B Canada 4 Matches
Seelaar, P M Netherlands 6 Matches
Sehwag, V India 22 Matches
Senanayake, S M S M Sri Lanka 1 Matches
Sethi, R K East Africa 3 Matches
Shadab Khan Pakistan 7 Matches
Shafiqullah Afghanistan 1 Matches
Shafiuddin Ahmed Bangladesh 1 Matches
Shafiul Islam Bangladesh 6 Matches
Shah, R D Kenya 17 Matches
Shahadat Hossain Bangladesh 1 Matches
Shaheen Shah Afridi Pakistan 5 Matches
Shahid Afridi Pakistan 27 Matches
Shahid Mahboob Pakistan 5 Matches
Shahriar Hossain Bangladesh 3 Matches
Shahriar Nafees Bangladesh 8 Matches
Shaiman Anwar United Arab Emirates 6 Matches
Shakib Al Hasan Bangladesh 29 Matches
Shamsi, T South Africa 2 Matches
Shankar, V India 3 Matches
Shapoor Zadran Afghanistan 6 Matches
Sharma, C India 4 Matches
Sharma, M M India 8 Matches
Sharma, R G India 17 Matches
Shastri, R J India 14 Matches
Shehzad Altaf United Arab Emirates 2 Matches
Sheikh, M Kenya 2 Matches
Shoaib Akhtar Pakistan 19 Matches
Shoaib Malik Pakistan 6 Matches
Shoaib Mohammad Pakistan 1 Matches
Sibanda, V Zimbabwe 5 Matches
Sidhu, N S India 12 Matches
Sikandar Raza Zimbabwe 6 Matches
Sikander Bakht Pakistan 4 Matches
Silva, L P C Sri Lanka 18 Matches
Simmons, L M P West Indies 8 Matches
Simmons, P V West Indies 13 Matches
Sinclair, M S New Zealand 1 Matches
Singh, R R India 6 Matches
Siriwardana, T A M Sri Lanka 1 Matches
Sivaramakrishnan, L India 2 Matches
Small, G C England 13 Matches
Smith, C J Bermuda 1 Matches
Smith , C J O Scotland 3 Matches
Smith, D R West Indies 12 Matches
Smith, D S West Indies 10 Matches
Smith, G C South Africa 20 Matches
Smith, I D S New Zealand 17 Matches
Smith, M J Scotland 5 Matches
Smith, N M K England 3 Matches
Smith, R A England 10 Matches
Smith, S P D Australia 24 Matches
Smits, J Netherlands 9 Matches
Snedden, M C New Zealand 9 Matches
Snell, R P South Africa 9 Matches
Snow, J A England 3 Matches
Sodhi, I S New Zealand 1 Matches
Sohaib Maqsood Pakistan 7 Matches
Sohail Khan Pakistan 7 Matches
Solkar, E D India 3 Matches
Sorensen, M C Ireland 3 Matches
Soumya Sarkar Bangladesh 14 Matches
Southee, T G New Zealand 18 Matches
Spearman, C M New Zealand 6 Matches
Sreesanth, S India 2 Matches
Srikkanth, K India 23 Matches
Srinath, J India 34 Matches
Stanger, I M Scotland 4 Matches
Starc, M A Australia 18 Matches
Statham, N A Netherlands 2 Matches
Stead, M P Canada 2 Matches
Stelling, W F Netherlands 2 Matches
Stewart, A J England 25 Matches
Steyn, D W South Africa 14 Matches
Stirling, P R Ireland 12 Matches
Stoinis, M P Australia 8 Matches
Stokes, B A England 11 Matches
Stott, L W New Zealand 1 Matches
Strang, B C Zimbabwe 4 Matches
Strang, P A Zimbabwe 12 Matches
Strauss, A J England 11 Matches
Streak, H H Zimbabwe 22 Matches
Styris, S B New Zealand 26 Matches
Suhrawadi Shuvo Bangladesh 1 Matches
Suji, A O Kenya 9 Matches
Suji, M A Kenya 20 Matches
Sultan Zarawani United Arab Emirates 5 Matches
Sumar, S East Africa 1 Matches
Surkari, Z E Canada 6 Matches
Swanepoel, S J Namibia 5 Matches
Swann, G P England 7 Matches
Syed Rasel Bangladesh 7 Matches
Symcox, P L South Africa 4 Matches
Symonds, A Australia 18 Matches
Synman, G Namibia 5 Matches
Szwarczynski, E S Netherlands 5 Matches
No. of Records = 130


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