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 World Cup Players (P)
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Name Country Matches
Palframan, S J South Africa 6 Matches
Pandit, C S India 2 Matches
Pandya, H H India 9 Matches
Panesar, M S England 8 Matches
Pant, R R India 4 Matches
Panyangara, T Zimbabwe 8 Matches
Parker, J M New Zealand 4 Matches
Parnell, W D South Africa 2 Matches
Parore, A C New Zealand 14 Matches
Pasqual, S P Sri Lanka 2 Matches
Patel, A Canada 2 Matches
Patel, B J Kenya 6 Matches
Patel, B P India 6 Matches
Patel, D N New Zealand 17 Matches
Patel , H Canada 2 Matches
Patel, J M Canada 3 Matches
Patel, J S New Zealand 6 Matches
Patel, M M India 11 Matches
Patel, R R Kenya 4 Matches
Paterson, G A Zimbabwe 10 Matches
Pathan, Y K India 6 Matches
Patil, S M India 8 Matches
Patil, S P United Arab Emirates 6 Matches
Patterson, B M W Scotland 3 Matches
Patterson, B P West Indies 7 Matches
Peall, S G Zimbabwe 5 Matches
Peckover, G E Zimbabwe 3 Matches
Perera, M D K J Sri Lanka 9 Matches
Perera, N L T C Sri Lanka 16 Matches
Pervez Mir Pakistan 2 Matches
Peterson, R J South Africa 10 Matches
Phehlukwayo, A L South Africa 9 Matches
Philander, V D South Africa 4 Matches
Philip, I L Scotland 3 Matches
Pieris, H S Sri Lanka 3 Matches
Pietersen, K P England 13 Matches
Pitcher, O L Bermuda 3 Matches
Plunkett, L E England 10 Matches
Pollard, K A West Indies 8 Matches
Pollock, S M South Africa 31 Matches
Ponting, R T Australia 46 Matches
Poonia, N S Scotland 2 Matches
Pooran, N West Indies 9 Matches
Porter, G D Australia 2 Matches
Porterfield, W T S Ireland 21 Matches
Powell, D B West Indies 9 Matches
Powell, R L West Indies 7 Matches
Prabhakar, M M India 19 Matches
Pradeep, N Sri Lanka 3 Matches
Prasad, B K V India 14 Matches
Prasanna, S Sri Lanka 2 Matches
Pretorius, D South Africa 3 Matches
Price, R W Zimbabwe 6 Matches
Prince, A G South Africa 9 Matches
Pringle, D J East Africa 2 Matches
Pringle, D R England 11 Matches
Pringle, M W South Africa 7 Matches
Prior, M J England 7 Matches
Pushpakumara, K R Sri Lanka 2 Matches
Pycroft, A J Zimbabwe 20 Matches
No. of Records = 60


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