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 World Cup Players (M)
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Name Country Matches
Machan, M W Scotland 6 Matches
MacLeay, K H Australia 4 Matches
MacLeod, C S Scotland 6 Matches
Madan Lal, S India 11 Matches
Madugalle, R S Sri Lanka 11 Matches
Mahanama, R S Sri Lanka 25 Matches
Maharoof, M F Sri Lanka 6 Matches
Maher, J P Australia 2 Matches
Mahmood, S I England 6 Matches
Mahmudullah Bangladesh 17 Matches
Majid Khan Pakistan 7 Matches
Malinga, S L Sri Lanka 29 Matches
Mallett, A A Australia 3 Matches
Maninder Singh India 7 Matches
Manjrekar, S V India 11 Matches
Manjural Islam Bangladesh 10 Matches
Mansoor Akhtar Pakistan 8 Matches
Manzoor Elahi Pakistan 1 Matches
Maraj, I Canada 6 Matches
Marillier, D A Zimbabwe 5 Matches
Markram, A K South Africa 8 Matches
Marks, V J England 7 Matches
Marsh, G R Australia 13 Matches
Marsh, M R Australia 3 Matches
Marsh, R W Australia 11 Matches
Marsh, S E Australia 2 Matches
Marshall, C A Canada 2 Matches
Marshall, H J H New Zealand 3 Matches
Marshall, M D West Indies 11 Matches
Martin, P J England 5 Matches
Martyn, D R Australia 12 Matches
Masakadza, H Zimbabwe 6 Matches
Masakadza, S W Zimbabwe 1 Matches
Mashrafe Mortaza Bangladesh 24 Matches
Mason, M J New Zealand 5 Matches
Mathews, A D Sri Lanka 22 Matches
Matsikenyeri, S Zimbabwe 5 Matches
Matthews, C R South Africa 6 Matches
Mauricette, B M Canada 3 Matches
Maxwell, G J Australia 18 Matches
May, T B A Australia 6 Matches
Mazhar Hussain United Arab Emirates 5 Matches
Mbangwa, M Zimbabwe 3 Matches
McBrine, A R Ireland 3 Matches
McCallan, W K Ireland 9 Matches
McCallum, N F I Scotland 2 Matches
McClenaghan, M J New Zealand 1 Matches
McCosker, R B Australia 5 Matches
McCullum, B B New Zealand 34 Matches
McCullum, N L New Zealand 8 Matches
McDermott, C J Australia 17 Matches
McGrath, G D Australia 39 Matches
McKay, A J New Zealand 1 Matches
McKechnie, B J New Zealand 8 Matches
McLean, N A M West Indies 1 Matches
McLeod, H East Africa 2 Matches
McMillan, B M South Africa 15 Matches
McMillan, C D New Zealand 25 Matches
Mehidy Hasan Miraz Bangladesh 7 Matches
Mehmood Quaraishy East Africa 3 Matches
Mehra, V United Arab Emirates 4 Matches
Mehrab Hossain Bangladesh 5 Matches
Mehta, P S East Africa 1 Matches
Meman, M A Zimbabwe 1 Matches
Mendis, B A W Sri Lanka 6 Matches
Mendis, B K G Sri Lanka 7 Matches
Mendis, B M A J Sri Lanka 5 Matches
Mendis, L R D Sri Lanka 16 Matches
Miller, D A South Africa 14 Matches
Miller, G England 1 Matches
Miller, N O West Indies 4 Matches
Mills, K D New Zealand 4 Matches
Milne, A F New Zealand 6 Matches
Minhajul Abedin Bangladesh 4 Matches
Minors, D A Bermuda 3 Matches
Mire, S F Zimbabwe 5 Matches
Mirwais Ashraf Afghanistan 2 Matches
Misbah-ul-Haq Pakistan 15 Matches
Mishra, T Kenya 8 Matches
Modi, H S Kenya 18 Matches
Mohammad Amir Pakistan 8 Matches
Mohammad Ashraful Bangladesh 16 Matches
Mohammad Aslam United Arab Emirates 4 Matches
Mohammad Hafeez Pakistan 18 Matches
Mohammad Irfan Pakistan 5 Matches
Mohammad Ishaq United Arab Emirates 3 Matches
Mohammad Kashif Netherlands 1 Matches
Mohammad Mithun Bangladesh 3 Matches
Mohammad Nabi Afghanistan 15 Matches
Mohammad Naveed United Arab Emirates 6 Matches
Mohammad Rafique Bangladesh 17 Matches
Mohammad Saifuddin Bangladesh 7 Matches
Mohammad Sami Pakistan 3 Matches
Mohammad Shahzad Afghanistan 2 Matches
Mohammad Tauqir United Arab Emirates 6 Matches
Mohammad Yousuf Pakistan 13 Matches
Mohammed Shami India 11 Matches
Mohanty, D S India 6 Matches
Mohsin Khan Pakistan 7 Matches
Moin Khan Pakistan 20 Matches
Mol, H J Netherlands 4 Matches
Mominul Haque Bangladesh 2 Matches
Mommsen, P L Scotland 6 Matches
Mongia, D India 11 Matches
Mongia, N R India 14 Matches
Moody, T M Australia 18 Matches
Mooney, J F Ireland 14 Matches
Mooney, P J K Ireland 1 Matches
More, K S India 14 Matches
Morgan, E J G England 29 Matches
Morkel, M South Africa 14 Matches
Morris, C H South Africa 8 Matches
Morrison, D K New Zealand 11 Matches
Morrison, J F M New Zealand 6 Matches
Mosaddeck Hossain Bangladesh 7 Matches
Moss, J K Australia 1 Matches
Mpofu, C B Zimbabwe 7 Matches
Mubarak, J Sri Lanka 1 Matches
Mudassar Bukhari Netherlands 6 Matches
Mudassar Nazar Pakistan 12 Matches
Mujeeb Ur Rahman Afghanistan 7 Matches
Mukuddem, S Bermuda 2 Matches
Mulla, A A Canada 3 Matches
Mullally, A D England 5 Matches
Munro, C New Zealand 6 Matches
Mupariwa, T Zimbabwe 5 Matches
Muralitharan, M Sri Lanka 40 Matches
Murgatroyd, B G Namibia 6 Matches
Murphy, B A Zimbabwe 5 Matches
Murray, D L West Indies 9 Matches
Mushfiqur Rahim Bangladesh 29 Matches
Mushtaq Ahmed Pakistan 15 Matches
Mushtaq Mohammad Pakistan 3 Matches
Mustafizur Rahman Bangladesh 8 Matches
Mylvaganam, G United Arab Emirates 3 Matches
No. of Records = 135


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