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 World Cup Players (K)
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Name Country Matches
Kaif, M India 11 Matches
Kallicharran, A I West Indies 9 Matches
Kallis, J H South Africa 36 Matches
Kalpage, R S Sri Lanka 7 Matches
Kaluperuma, L W Sri Lanka 3 Matches
Kaluwitharana, R S Sri Lanka 11 Matches
Kamande, J K Kenya 10 Matches
Kambli, V G India 12 Matches
Kamran Akmal Pakistan 11 Matches
Kamran Shahzad United Arab Emirates 1 Matches
Kamungozi, T Zimbabwe 3 Matches
Kaneria, D Pakistan 2 Matches
Kanhai, R B West Indies 5 Matches
Kapil Dev India 26 Matches
Kapoor, A R India 2 Matches
Kapugedera, C K Sri Lanka 2 Matches
Karg, M Namibia 3 Matches
Karim, A Y A Kenya 15 Matches
Karthik, K D India 3 Matches
Karunaratne, D Sri Lanka 11 Matches
Kasteni, F Zimbabwe 2 Matches
Kaushal, P H T Sri Lanka 1 Matches
Kemp, J M South Africa 8 Matches
Kennedy, R J New Zealand 3 Matches
Kervezee, A N Netherlands 8 Matches
Keulder, D Namibia 6 Matches
Khaled Mahmud Bangladesh 9 Matches
Khaled Mashud Bangladesh 11 Matches
Khan, Z India 23 Matches
Khanna, S C India 3 Matches
Khawaja, U T Australia 9 Matches
Khurram Chohan Canada 4 Matches
Khurram Khan United Arab Emirates 6 Matches
King, C L West Indies 4 Matches
King, R D West Indies 4 Matches
Kirmani, S M H India 8 Matches
Kirsten, G South Africa 21 Matches
Kirsten, P N South Africa 8 Matches
Kloppenburg, J F Netherlands 5 Matches
Klusener, L South Africa 14 Matches
Knight, N V England 5 Matches
Knott, A P E England 4 Matches
Kohli, V India 26 Matches
Kotze, B L Namibia 5 Matches
Kotze, D B Namibia 6 Matches
Krejza, J J Australia 7 Matches
Krishna Chandran United Arab Emirates 5 Matches
Kruger, B P Netherlands 1 Matches
Kuiper, A P South Africa 9 Matches
Kulasekara, K M D N Sri Lanka 11 Matches
Kuldeep Yadav India 7 Matches
Kumar, B India 7 Matches
Kumar, N R Canada 3 Matches
Kumble, A India 18 Matches
Kuruppu, D S B Sri Lanka 11 Matches
No. of Records = 55


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