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 World Cup Players (D)
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Name Country Matches
Dale, A C Australia 2 Matches
Dalrymple, J W M England 3 Matches
Daniel, W W West Indies 3 Matches
Darling, W M Australia 3 Matches
Davey, J H Scotland 6 Matches
Davies, A G Scotland 5 Matches
Davies, S G Zimbabwe 1 Matches
Davis, W W West Indies 5 Matches
Davison, J M Canada 14 Matches
Dawlat Zadran Afghanistan 10 Matches
De Alwis, R G Sri Lanka 6 Matches
De Freitas, P A J England 22 Matches
de Grandhomme, C New Zealand 10 Matches
De Groot, N A Canada 6 Matches
de Grooth, T N Netherlands 5 Matches
de Kock, Q South Africa 17 Matches
de Leede, T B M Netherlands 14 Matches
De Mel, A L F Sri Lanka 9 Matches
De Silva, D L S Sri Lanka 2 Matches
de Silva, D M Sri Lanka 7 Matches
De Silva, D S Sri Lanka 11 Matches
de Silva, G R A Sri Lanka 2 Matches
de Silva, P A Sri Lanka 35 Matches
de Villiers, A B South Africa 23 Matches
De Villiers, P S South Africa 1 Matches
Denness, M H England 4 Matches
Dennis, F A Canada 3 Matches
Desai, P A Canada 1 Matches
Dhaniram, S Canada 3 Matches
Dharmasena, H D P K Sri Lanka 6 Matches
Dhawan, S India 10 Matches
Dhoni, M S India 29 Matches
Dias, R L Sri Lanka 10 Matches
Dilley, G R England 6 Matches
Dillon, M V West Indies 10 Matches
Dilshan, T M Sri Lanka 27 Matches
Dippenaar, H H South Africa 6 Matches
Dockrell, G H Ireland 12 Matches
Doherty, X J Australia 1 Matches
Donald, A A South Africa 25 Matches
Downton, P R England 8 Matches
Drakes, V C West Indies 6 Matches
Dravid, R India 22 Matches
du Plessis, F South Africa 23 Matches
Duers, K G Zimbabwe 6 Matches
Duffin, T Zimbabwe 1 Matches
Dujon, P J L West Indies 14 Matches
Dukanwala, S F United Arab Emirates 5 Matches
Duminy, J-P South Africa 18 Matches
Dyer, G C Australia 8 Matches
Dyer, N R Scotland 5 Matches
Dymock, G Australia 3 Matches
No. of Records = 52


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