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 World Cup Players (C)
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Name Country Matches
Caddick, A R England 5 Matches
Cairns, B L New Zealand 11 Matches
Cairns, C L New Zealand 28 Matches
Callender, R G Canada 2 Matches
Campbell, A D R Zimbabwe 19 Matches
Campbell, S L West Indies 9 Matches
Cann, L O B Bermuda 3 Matches
Cantrell, P E Netherlands 5 Matches
Carey, A T Australia 10 Matches
Carlisle, S V Zimbabwe 6 Matches
Carroll, K E D Ireland 1 Matches
Carter, J L West Indies 5 Matches
Chahal, Y S India 8 Matches
Chakabva, R W Zimbabwe 9 Matches
Chameera, P V D Sri Lanka 2 Matches
Chandana, U D U Sri Lanka 2 Matches
Chanderpaul, S West Indies 31 Matches
Chandimal, L D Sri Lanka 3 Matches
Chappell, C J D Canada 3 Matches
Chappell, G S Australia 5 Matches
Chappell, I M Australia 5 Matches
Chappell, T M Australia 4 Matches
Charles, J West Indies 2 Matches
Chatara, T L Zimbabwe 6 Matches
Chatfield, E J New Zealand 13 Matches
Chawla, P P India 3 Matches
Chibhabha, C J Zimbabwe 7 Matches
Chigumbura, E Zimbabwe 13 Matches
Chopra, N India 1 Matches
Chudasama, D N Kenya 7 Matches
Chumney, D R Canada 6 Matches
Clark, S R Australia 1 Matches
Clarke, M J Australia 25 Matches
Clarke, N E Netherlands 5 Matches
Codrington, A Canada 5 Matches
Codrington, G R Canada 1 Matches
Coetzer, K J Scotland 6 Matches
Coleman, F R J Scotland 3 Matches
Collinge, R O New Zealand 4 Matches
Collingwood, P D England 18 Matches
Collins, P T West Indies 3 Matches
Collymore, C D West Indies 8 Matches
Coney, J V New Zealand 10 Matches
Cooper, T L W Netherlands 6 Matches
Cork, D G England 5 Matches
Cosier, G J Australia 3 Matches
Cottrell, S S West Indies 9 Matches
Coulter-Nile, N M Australia 5 Matches
Coventry, C K Zimbabwe 3 Matches
Cowans, N G England 1 Matches
Cremer, A G Zimbabwe 6 Matches
Croft, C E H West Indies 4 Matches
Croft, R D B England 2 Matches
Cronje, W J South Africa 23 Matches
Cross, M H Scotland 6 Matches
Crowe, J J New Zealand 8 Matches
Crowe, M D New Zealand 21 Matches
Cuffy, C E West Indies 1 Matches
Cullinan, D J South Africa 15 Matches
Cummins, A C West Indies 9 Matches
Cummins, P J Australia 12 Matches
Curran, K M Zimbabwe 11 Matches
Cusack, A R Ireland 9 Matches
No. of Records = 63


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