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 World Cup Players (B)
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Name Country Matches
Babar Azam Pakistan 8 Matches
Bacchus, S F A West Indies 8 Matches
Bagai, A Canada 15 Matches
Baidwan, H S Canada 6 Matches
Bailey, G J Australia 1 Matches
Bairstow, J M England 11 Matches
Bakker, P Netherlands 5 Matches
Baksh, S Canada 1 Matches
Balaji Rao, W D Canada 6 Matches
Balbirnie, A Ireland 6 Matches
Ballance, G S England 4 Matches
Bandara, C M Sri Lanka 1 Matches
Banerjee, S T India 2 Matches
Baptiste, E A E West Indies 1 Matches
Barnett, G E F Canada 3 Matches
Barresi, W Netherlands 6 Matches
Bedi, B S India 5 Matches
Behardien, F South Africa 4 Matches
Behrendorff, J P Australia 5 Matches
Bell, I R England 21 Matches
Benjamin, W K M West Indies 13 Matches
Benn, S J West Indies 9 Matches
Bennett, H K New Zealand 4 Matches
Berenger, A R United Arab Emirates 6 Matches
Berrington, R D Scotland 6 Matches
Best, C A West Indies 2 Matches
Bevan, M G Australia 26 Matches
Bhatti, U Canada 3 Matches
Bichel, A J Australia 8 Matches
Billcliff, I S Canada 9 Matches
Binny, R M H India 9 Matches
Bishoo, D West Indies 3 Matches
Bishop, I R West Indies 6 Matches
Blackwell, I D England 2 Matches
Blain, J A R Scotland 8 Matches
Blignaut, A M Zimbabwe 7 Matches
Boje, N South Africa 5 Matches
Bond, S E New Zealand 16 Matches
Boock, S L New Zealand 4 Matches
Boon, D C Australia 16 Matches
Bopara, R S England 14 Matches
Borden, D C Bermuda 3 Matches
Border, A R Australia 25 Matches
Borren, P W Netherlands 9 Matches
Bosch, T South Africa 1 Matches
Bosman, L L South Africa 1 Matches
Botha, A C Ireland 9 Matches
Botha, J South Africa 5 Matches
Botham, I T England 22 Matches
Boucher, M V South Africa 25 Matches
Boult, T A New Zealand 19 Matches
Boyce, K D West Indies 5 Matches
Boycott, G England 5 Matches
Bracewell, J G New Zealand 7 Matches
Bracken, N W Australia 10 Matches
Bradshaw, I D R West Indies 3 Matches
Brandes, E A Zimbabwe 16 Matches
Brathwaite, C R West Indies 8 Matches
Bravo, D J J West Indies 10 Matches
Bravo, D M West Indies 12 Matches
Bray, J P Ireland 9 Matches
Brearley, J M England 5 Matches
Brent, G B Zimbabwe 2 Matches
Bresnan, T T England 7 Matches
Brinkley, J E Scotland 5 Matches
Broad, B C England 3 Matches
Broad, S C J England 10 Matches
Brown, D R Scotland 3 Matches
Brown, R D Zimbabwe 7 Matches
Browne, C O West Indies 5 Matches
Bryan, H R West Indies 2 Matches
Bulfin, C E New Zealand 1 Matches
Bumrah, J J India 9 Matches
Burger, A J Namibia 6 Matches
Burger, L J Namibia 6 Matches
Burger, S F Namibia 2 Matches
Burgess, M G New Zealand 4 Matches
Burmester, M G Zimbabwe 4 Matches
Butchart, I P Zimbabwe 17 Matches
Buttler, J C England 17 Matches
Buurman, A F Netherlands 2 Matches
No. of Records = 81


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