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 World Cup Players (A)
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Name Country Matches
Aamir Sohail Pakistan 16 Matches
Aaqib Javed Pakistan 15 Matches
Abbott, K J South Africa 4 Matches
Abdul Qadir Pakistan 13 Matches
Abdul Razzaq Pakistan 22 Matches
Abdur Razzak Bangladesh 15 Matches
Abdur Rehman Pakistan 5 Matches
Abid Ali, S India 3 Matches
Adams, A R New Zealand 7 Matches
Adams, J C West Indies 9 Matches
Adams, P R South Africa 2 Matches
Adeel Raja Netherlands 6 Matches
Afsar Zazai Afghanistan 6 Matches
Aftab Ahmed Bangladesh 9 Matches
Aftab Alam Afghanistan 4 Matches
Agarkar, A B India 6 Matches
Ahmed Shehzad Pakistan 12 Matches
Ajmal Shahzad England 2 Matches
Akram Khan Bangladesh 7 Matches
Al Sahariar Rokon Bangladesh 5 Matches
Ali, M M England 10 Matches
Ali, R W Kenya 6 Matches
Allen, F A West Indies 3 Matches
Allingham, M J D Scotland 3 Matches
Allott, G I New Zealand 9 Matches
Allott, P J W England 7 Matches
Alok Kapali Bangladesh 6 Matches
Amarnath, M India 14 Matches
Ambris, S W West Indies 2 Matches
Ambrose, C E L West Indies 17 Matches
Aminul Islam Bangladesh 5 Matches
Amiss, D L England 4 Matches
Amjad Ali United Arab Emirates 6 Matches
Amjad Javed United Arab Emirates 6 Matches
Amla, H M South Africa 22 Matches
Amre, P K India 4 Matches
Anamul Haque Bangladesh 3 Matches
Anderson, C J New Zealand 9 Matches
Anderson, J M England 25 Matches
Angara, J O Kenya 4 Matches
Ankola, S A India 1 Matches
Anurasiri, S D Sri Lanka 11 Matches
Aponso, G J A Netherlands 5 Matches
Arafat Sunny Bangladesh 1 Matches
Archer, J C England 11 Matches
Arnold, G G England 3 Matches
Arnold, R P Sri Lanka 21 Matches
Arnott, K J Zimbabwe 9 Matches
Arshad Laeeq United Arab Emirates 4 Matches
Arthurton, K L T West Indies 14 Matches
Asad Shafiq Pakistan 4 Matches
Asghar Afghan Afghanistan 11 Matches
Ashwin, R India 10 Matches
Asif Ali Pakistan 2 Matches
Asif Iqbal Pakistan 5 Matches
Asif Masood Pakistan 3 Matches
Asim Butt Scotland 5 Matches
Astle, N J New Zealand 22 Matches
Atapattu, M S Sri Lanka 15 Matches
Ata-Ur-Rehman Pakistan 1 Matches
Atherton, M A England 6 Matches
Athey, C W J England 6 Matches
Austin, I D England 2 Matches
Azad, K India 3 Matches
Azhar Mahmood Pakistan 12 Matches
Azhar Saeed United Arab Emirates 5 Matches
Azharuddin, M India 30 Matches
No. of Records = 67


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