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Bowling - Progressive Average and Aggregate
 NOTE: Batsmen shown as dismissed not necessarily in order of dismissal

Test Date Vs Ground Inns Batsman (How Out) Wkts Agg Avg
1 08/12/1978 AUS VFL Park 1st B M Laird (b) 5/39 5 7.80
          R J Bright (b)      
          I M Chappell (b)      
          D W Hookes (c A P E Knott)      
          D K Lillee (c Majid Khan)      
        2nd R J Bright (lbw) 1/53 6 15.33
2 21/12/1978 WIN Sydney Cricket Ground 1st D L Haynes (c Javed Miandad) 1/45 7 19.57
        2nd R C Fredericks (b) 1/32 8 21.13
3 02/02/1979 AUS Sydney Cricket Ground 1st B M Laird (c Zaheer Abbas) 5/57 13 17.38
          I M Chappell (c Imran Khan)      
          M F Kent (c A W Greig)      
          R W Marsh (c A P E Knott)      
          L S Pascoe (b)      
        2nd D W Hookes (b) 4/44 17 15.88
          R J Bright (c E J Barlow)      
          G J Gilmour (c )      
          L S Pascoe (b)      

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