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 IPL - Match Records and Statistics
Matches played in Season  for   Ground 
Match Date Teams Venue Result  
3   11/04/2021 Kolkata v. Hyderabad MA Chidambaram Stadium (Chennai)  Kolkata by 10 Runs   Scorecard
5   13/04/2021 Kolkata v. Mumbai MA Chidambaram Stadium (Chennai)  Mumbai by 10 Runs   Scorecard
10   18/04/2021 Kolkata v. Bangalore MA Chidambaram Stadium (Chennai)  Bangalore by 38 Runs   Scorecard
15   21/04/2021 Chennai v. Kolkata Wankhede Stadium (Mumbai)  Chennai by 18 Runs   Scorecard
18   24/04/2021 Kolkata v. Rajasthan Wankhede Stadium (Mumbai)  Rajasthan by 6 Wickets   Scorecard
21   26/04/2021 Kolkata v. Punjab Sardar Patel Stadium (Ahmedabad)  Kolkata by 5 Wickets   Scorecard
25   29/04/2021 Delhi v. Kolkata Sardar Patel Stadium (Ahmedabad)  Delhi by 7 Wickets   Scorecard
31   20/09/2021 Kolkata v. Bangalore Sheikh Zayed Stadium (Abu Dhabi)  Kolkata by 9 Wickets   Scorecard
34   23/09/2021 Kolkata v. Mumbai Sheikh Zayed Stadium (Abu Dhabi)  Kolkata by 7 Wickets   Scorecard
38   26/09/2021 Chennai v. Kolkata Sheikh Zayed Stadium (Abu Dhabi)  Chennai by 2 Wickets   Scorecard
41   28/09/2021 Delhi v. Kolkata Sharjah Cricket Stadium (Sharjah)  Kolkata by 3 Wickets   Scorecard
45   01/10/2021 Kolkata v. Punjab Dubai International Cricket Stadium (Dubai)  Punjab by 5 Wickets   Scorecard
49   03/10/2021 Kolkata v. Hyderabad Dubai International Cricket Stadium (Dubai)  Kolkata by 6 Wickets   Scorecard
54   07/10/2021 Kolkata v. Rajasthan Sharjah Cricket Stadium (Sharjah)  Kolkata by 86 Runs   Scorecard
1st Elim. Final   11/10/2021 Kolkata v. Bangalore Sharjah Cricket Stadium (Sharjah)  Kolkata by 4 Wickets   Scorecard
2nd Qual. Final   13/10/2021 Delhi v. Kolkata Sharjah Cricket Stadium (Sharjah)  Kolkata by 3 Wickets   Scorecard
Final   15/10/2021 Chennai v. Kolkata Dubai International Cricket Stadium (Dubai)  Chennai by 27 Runs   Scorecard
No. of Matches = 17

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