T20 Internationals - Ground Records and Statistics - Statistical Overview
St Albans Club   
City Buenos Aires
Country Argentina
First T20 Match 21/02/2023
Last T20 Match 02/03/2023
Matches Played 4
Matches Won by Home Side 1 (25.00%)
Matches Won by Touring Side 1 (25.00%)
Matches Won by Neutral Side 2 (50.00%)
Matches Won Batting First 3 (75.00%)
Matches Won Batting Second 1 (25.00%)
Matches Won Winning Toss 3 (75.00%)
Matches Won Losing Toss 1 (25.00%)
Matches Tied 0 (0.00%)
Matches with No Result 0 (0.00%)
Highest Individual Innings 74 Sacha De Alwis (Cayman Islands) 28/02/2023 v Bahamas
Best Bowling 5/18 K Hinds (Bahamas) 28/02/2023 v Cayman Islands
Highest Team Innings 173/3 (Bermuda) 25/02/2023 v Cayman Islands
Lowest Team Innings 74 (Bahamas) 02/03/2023 v Argentina
Highest Run Chase Achieved 78/4 (Bermuda) 21/02/2023 v Argentina
Average Runs per Wicket 13.36
Average Runs per Over 5.34
Average Score Batting First 123

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