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 Fielding Records and Statistics - Innings, Matches and Series - Test Cricket
Players Taking Most Catches in a 
Player Country Catches Series
Greig, A W England 11 1974 England v. Pakistan
Ponting, R T Australia 11 2001-2002 Australia v. South Africa
Kallis, J H South Africa 11 2011-2012 South Africa v. Sri Lanka
Harvey, R N Australia 10 1956-1957 India v. Australia
Chappell, I M Australia 10 1973-1974 Australia v. New Zealand
Chappell, G S Australia 10 1979-1980 Australia v. England
Boon, D C Australia 10 1988-1989 Pakistan v. Australia
Azharuddin, M India 10 1993-1994 India v. Sri Lanka
Taylor, M A Australia 10 1997-1998 Australia v. New Zealand
Jayawardene, D P M D Sri Lanka 10 2007-2008 Sri Lanka v. Bangladesh
Smith, G C South Africa 10 2012-2013 Australia v. South Africa
Rahane, A M* India 10 2015-2016 Sri Lanka v. India
Smith, S P D* Australia 10 2016 Sri Lanka v. Australia
Younis Khan Pakistan 10 2016-2017 West Indies v. Pakistan
Grace, W G England 9 1891-1892 Australia v. England
Hammond, W R England 9 1928 England v. West Indies
Edmonds, P H England 9 1977-1978 New Zealand v. England
Hughes, K J Australia 9 1980-1981 Australia v. New Zealand
Young, B A New Zealand 9 1993-1994 New Zealand v. Pakistan
Hick, G A England 9 1994 England v. New Zealand
Knight, N V England 9 1996-1997 New Zealand v. England
Fleming, S P New Zealand 9 1997-1998 Australia v. New Zealand
Jayawardene, D P M D Sri Lanka 9 1999-2000 Pakistan v. Sri Lanka
Ganguly, S C India 9 2002-2003 India v. West Indies
Fleming, S P New Zealand 9 2005-2006 New Zealand v. West Indies
Younis Khan Pakistan 9 2006-2007 South Africa v. Pakistan
Jayawardene, D P M D Sri Lanka 9 2010-2011 Sri Lanka v. India
Sammy, D J G West Indies 9 2011-2012 West Indies v. Australia
Hussey, M E K Australia 9 2012-2013 Australia v. Sri Lanka
Smith, S P D* Australia 9 2016-2017 Australia v. Pakistan
Stokes, B A* England 9 2018-2019 Sri Lanka v. England
No. of Records = 31

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