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T20 INTERNATIONALS Record/Statistic Player Match Details Ground
First Match 25/04/2019      
Matches Played 3      
Matches Won 0 (0.00%)      
Matches Lost 3 (100.00%)      
Matches Tied 0 (0.00%)      
Matches with No Result 0 (0.00%)      
Capped Players 12      
Highest Individual Innings 46 J Cutinho  26/04/2019 v MexicoReforma Athletic Club
Most Career Runs 93 J Cutinho    
Best Bat Avg (Min 25 Inns)     
Best Bowling 3/14 S Pillai  26/04/2019 v MexicoReforma Athletic Club
Most Career Wickets 4 S Pillai    
   Oswald Sam Arthur    
Best Bowl Avg (Min 50 Wkts)
Most Career Catches 4 O Fournier    
Most Career Dismissals 2 (2ca, 0st)G Murali    
Highest Team Innings 133/7   26/04/2019 v MexicoReforma Athletic Club
Lowest Team Innings 89   27/04/2019 v BelizeReforma Athletic Club
Highest Run Chase Achieved    
First 100 Scored        
Average Runs per Over 5.61      
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