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 Country Records and Statistics - Series Results - One Day Internationals
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Series:	2010-2011 AUS v ENG
Start:	16/01/2011
Result:	Australia 6-1Series:	2010-2011 ICC World Cup
Start:	19/02/2011
Result:	IndiaSeries:	2010-2011 BAN v AUS
Start:	09/04/2011
Result:	Australia 3-0Series:	2011-2012 SRL v AUS
Start:	10/08/2011
Result:	Australia 3-2Series:	2011-2012 SAF v AUS
Start:	19/10/2011
Result:	Australia 2-1Series:	2011-2012 Commonwealth Bank Series
Start:	05/02/2012
Result:	AustraliaSeries:	2011-2012 WIN v AUS
Start:	16/03/2012
Result:	Series Drawn 2-2Series:	2012 IRE v AUS
Start:	23/06/2012
Result:	Series Drawn 0-0Series:	2012 ENG v AUS
Start:	29/06/2012
Result:	England 4-0Series:	2012-2013 AFG v AUS
Start:	25/08/2012
Result:	Australia 1-0Series:	2012-2013 PAK v AUS
Start:	28/08/2012
Result:	Australia 2-1Series:	2012-2013 AUS v SRL
Start:	11/01/2013
Result:	Series Drawn 2-2Series:	2012-2013 AUS v WIN
Start:	01/02/2013
Result:	Australia 5-0Series:	2013 ICC Champions Trophy
Start:	06/06/2013
Result:	IndiaSeries:	2013 SCO v AUS
Start:	03/09/2013
Result:	Australia 1-0Series:	2013 ENG v AUS
Start:	06/09/2013
Result:	Australia 2-1Series:	2013-2014 IND v AUS
Start:	13/10/2013
Result:	India 3-2Series:	2013-2014 AUS v ENG
Start:	12/01/2014
Result:	Australia 4-1Series:	2014-2015 Zimbabwe Triangular Series
Start:	25/08/2014
Result:	South AfricaSeries:	2014-2015 PAK v AUS
Start:	07/10/2014
Result:	Australia 3-0Series:	2014-2015 AUS v SAF
Start:	14/11/2014
Result:	Australia 4-1Series:	2014-2015 Carlton Mid International Tri Series
Start:	16/01/2015
Result:	AustraliaSeries:	2014-2015 ICC World Cup
Start:	14/02/2015
Result:	AustraliaSeries:	2015 IRE v AUS
Start:	27/08/2015
Result:	Australia 1-0Series:	2015 ENG v AUS
Start:	03/09/2015
Result:	Australia 3-2Series:	2015-2016 AUS v IND
Start:	12/01/2016
Result:	Australia 4-1Series:	2015-2016 Chappell/Hadlee Trophy (NZL)
Start:	03/02/2016
Result:	New Zealand 2-1Series:	2015-2016 West Indies Tri-Nation
Start:	03/06/2016
Result:	AustraliaSeries:	2016-2017 SRL v AUS
Start:	21/08/2016
Result:	Australia 4-1Series:	2016-2017 AUS v IRE
Start:	27/09/2016
Result:	Australia 1-0Series:	2016-2017 SAF v AUS
Start:	30/09/2016
Result:	South Africa 5-0Series:	2016-2017 Chappell/Hadlee Trophy (AUS)
Start:	04/12/2016
Result:	Australia 3-0Series:	2016-2017 AUS v PAK
Start:	13/01/2017
Result:	Australia 4-1Series:	2016-2017 Chappell/Hadlee Trophy (NZL)
Start:	30/01/2017
Result:	New Zealand 2-0Series:	2017 ICC Champions Trophy
Start:	01/06/2017
Result:	PakistanSeries:	2017-2018 IND v AUS
Start:	17/09/2017
Result:	India 4-1Series:	2017-2018 AUS v ENG
Start:	14/01/2018
Result:	England 4-1Series:	2018 ENG v AUS
Start:	13/06/2018
Result:	England 5-0Series:	2018-2019 AUS v SAF
Start:	04/11/2018
Result:	South Africa 2-1Series:	2018-2019 AUS v IND
Start:	12/01/2019
Result:	India 2-1Series:	2018-2019 IND v AUS
Start:	02/03/2019
Result:	Australia 3-2Series:	2018-2019 PAK v AUS
Start:	22/03/2019
Result:	Australia 5-0Series:	2019 ICC World Cup
Start:	30/05/2019
Result:	EnglandSeries:	2019-2020 IND v AUS
Start:	14/01/2020
Result:	India 2-1Series:	2019-2020 SAF v AUS
Start:	29/02/2020
Result:	South Africa 3-0
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