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Wicket Runs Batsmen Country Versus Ground Match
1st 225 G A Gooch / M A Atherton England India Old Trafford 09/08/1990
2nd 238 G Kirsten / J H Kallis South Africa England Old Trafford 02/07/1998
3rd 267 M P Vaughan / G P Thorpe England Pakistan Old Trafford 31/05/2001
4th 260 D P Sibley* / B A Stokes* England West Indies Old Trafford 16/07/2020
5th 219 R B Simpson / B C Booth Australia England Old Trafford 23/07/1964
6th 180* S R Waugh / I A Healy Australia England Old Trafford 03/06/1993
7th 160* S R Tendulkar / M M Prabhakar India England Old Trafford 09/08/1990
8th 168 R Illingworth / P Lever England India Old Trafford 05/08/1971
9th 104 R W Marsh / J W Gleeson Australia England Old Trafford 08/06/1972
10th 98 A K Davidson / G D McKenzie Australia England Old Trafford 27/07/1961

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