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 Sri Lankan Cricket Fan Waves Flag For Over 30 Years

The advancement of Sri Lanka cricket is a captivating story; unrest. The country arrived at the zenith of world cricket and since its victory at the Wills World Cup in 1996, Sri Lanka has been able to keep up, in particular, it recently procured Cricketing Super Power status exceptionally.

Percy Abeseykera, the famous cricket fan has seen it all, the Story of Sri Lankan cricket, at exceptionally short proximity for almost 60 years, cutting a specialty for himself as an encapsulation of the severe difficulties, suffering enthusiasm, and the unmatched accomplishment of Sri Lankan cricket.

Born on July 30, 1936, Percy Abeysekera is a Sri Lankan fan who had been following the Lankan team even before they were awarded the Test status. The first International match, which he saw was between Australia vs. All Ceylon in 1948 at the Colombo Oval. Opening his cheering innings, ABEYSEKERA used to run around the Colombo Oval where most games were played yelling consolation to nearby cricketers. He had a voice that would resound and which propelled the local cricketers. Be that as it may, when the need emerged he would not spare a moment to ensure the neighborhood players.

At the point when foreign groups began visiting the nation and playing what was named 'whistle-stop games' since they were one-day hits about, a youthful person began his cheering career, which has now reached. Although, he started traveling later in 1979 to support his team for the Associate tournament in the UK. The Sri Lankan team won that match and qualified for the World Cup.

Abeysekera himself played some cricket in his younger years and captained the first AMW cricket team to win the Mercantile 'G' Division title in 1968. Later he joined ACL Cables as a Public Relations consultant, before working for a subsidiary of AMW, and working there till later years of his life. In many interviews, Percy has praised ACL Chairman Upali Madanayake for taking him under his wings. The support shown to Percy by this company is the reason that Percy worked for the company for almost 50 years.

Notwithstanding any problem, Sri Lankan's most dedicated team supporter has headed out significant stretches to wave the Sri Lankan Flag and cheer the cricketers (or criticize them in equivalent measure) with his sharp mind and more honed tongue, which is enhanced with a rhymester's way with words. Abeysekera is so dedicated to the game of cricket that he is extensively regarded as Sri Lanka's unofficial mascot. In any case, while yelling motivation, he required an accomplice and that accomplice came as the Sri Lankan Lion Flag.

Abeysekera charmed himself to all nearby and global cricketers. To numerous, his cheering was a disclosure and they viewed in wonder as he mustered the nerve to run around the fields and cheer local people and global cricketers for their extraordinary deeds with bat or ball or when a splendid catch was held.

While this cricket superfan hasn't in a real sense been waving a flag for over thirty years, at 80+ years of age, many would concur that Percy Abeysekera is without a doubt Sri Lanka's biggest cheerleader. He has ventured to the far corners of the planet on the side of his nation of origin's national cricket side for a long time and waved the notable Lion Flag for more than 30 of them.

At the point when Sri Lanka is playing Percy is constantly in the arena, gladly waving his gigantic Sri Lanka banner before the TV cameras and continually engaging the group with his exceptional funny bone. Nonetheless, what numerous individuals won't know is his obligation to cricket, particularly Sri Lankan cricket, which goes far more profound than the large international games.

Cricket in Sri Lanka would simply not be the same without Percy. He is an establishment. While he may have aggravated a couple of our adversaries throughout the long term, he has consistently regarded and has been keen to such steadfast and enthusiastic help. His tremendous information on cricket is extraordinary. He is Sri Lankan cricket's greatest ally but on the other hand he is an eager cricket fan. He loves the game and that is obvious. There aren't numerous individuals who can sit from morning till the last ball is bowled on the side of your group regardless of the circumstance on the field. His melodies and jokes keep the group and players engaged.

Toward the beginning of his currently sparkling cheering vocation that has spread over many years, Abeysekera has left a specialty that no other nation could create a voyaging cheer man of Abeysekera's class to cheer and motivate their cricketers. A mix of team promoter and heckler, Percy has gotten such status for his achievements as a fan that he has his own site.

The bad news is that due to his age, the Sri Lankan supporter will now not be able to attend matches, which are outside Sri Lanka.