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Indian Premier League (IPL): Latest news and updates and winner predictions

The most-attended cricket event globally and the 6th most attended sports event - the Indian Premier League, is here again, this time with surprises. The Indian Premier League is an all men's cricket league created by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2007.

Since its launch in 2008, the Indian premier has seen fierce contests from different players from ten Indian cities. The event is not only of economic value but socially valuable to Indians. The 2022 Indian Premier league has taken everyone by surprise. This season saw newcomers into the league like the Gujarat Titans performing far above expectations of everyone. Although we are four weeks into the league, there have been many events and updates worth our attention.

IPL Week 4: analysing team performance

This year's event saw some new teams making waves, and it seems the odds are now high for new winners to emerge outside the traditional gatekeepers of the championship title. Below is an analysis of the performance of some of the most popular teams of the season.

Top teams in the IPL 2022

Gujarat Titans (GT): The Gujarat Titans (GT) immediately came second on the table, although they are battling a shallow run. They remain the second in the league's table, and we await to see if they will move backward or forward on the table, although a forward movement is challenging- however, hope is not entirely lost. With some good team performances which is led from the front by their allrounder captain Harkik Pandya, they look good the win the champioship in the first attempt.

Lucknow Super Giants: The Lucknow Super Giants, despite being a new entrant, are putting out a fantastic performance this season, and some people have predicted that they have a chance to pick the title this season. LSG has also been dubbed the strongest cricket squad and the most balanced in this event. Similar to Gujarat Titans, they are also led from the front by their captain K.L.Rahul who is currently 2nd in list of the most runs scorers in the tournmanent.

Rajasthan Royals (RR): The Rajasthan Royals are making waves this season. Their victory against Delhi Capitals by 15 runs seals a spot for them at the table. For now, Rajasthan Royals are at 3rd position in the table, and we wait to see what awaits them as the competition advances into its second half. Their top performers are Leggie Chahal and English wicketkeeper Jos Buttler.

Delhi Capitals: The Delhi capitals have always secured a spot in the top 4 teams in last few seasons but have not been lucky to win. However, it seems this year they have finally gotten the magic wand to win the championship.

Who will win the IPL 2022

It will be very hard to predict the winners at the IPL 2022 games, however, when we look at the performance of the various teams, team composition, performance, and winnings, we can confidently predict the either Gujarat Titans or the Lucknow Super Giants will be the winners at this year's event as they are the most consistent sides in this years IPL edition. Although both teams are new, their performance so far in the game has taken many people aback, and several people have predicted that either team will pick the trophy.

IPL Betting updates

Several betting websites have predicted that the three favorite teams to win the IPL championship for the 2022 season are the Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Gujarat Titans. Gujarat has 7/2 odds to win the tournament on majority of the betting websites. Whereas, Rajasthan Royals has 9/2 and Royal Challengers Bangalore has 41/10. LSG is also betting sites favourite with 13/5 odds. Visit NewZealandcasinos.NZ to learn about some of the best betting tips, check the latest Cricket betting odds and online casino sites. These betting sites provide information on the odds of a team winning a game based on the player getting the most runs in a game, a bowler taking the most wickets, etc. Sports betting sites additionally assist us in comprehending the betting process and ensuring that all of the listed betting brands are legitimate and secure.

Who will win: Gujarat Titans vs. Lucknow Super Giants?

Although both the Gujarat Titans and the Lucknow Super Giants are new teams, IPL 2022 may be their time to shine. If they rech the knockout stage, they might feel the pressure of must-win games, but if they can overcome that, their opponants will find harder to beat them. Their lack of a championship title does not negate the reality of their performance this season.

Even though GT and LSG are equally capable of winning the title, Our analysis will be biased toward Gujarat Titans because they have a slightly superior squad and an incredible winning record this season.