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Cricket Betting Tips: How To Place Effective Cricket Bets

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in parts of the world like England, Australia and subcontinental Asia, but also all across the world. Betting on cricket can be extremely entertaining and even profitable if done right. Take a look at what you need to know to place effective cricket bets today.

The Variations of Cricket Bets

Betting on this sport is mainly so attractive to bettors due to the versatility of options. Cricket can be played in 3 ways and all of them are stemming from the same type of cricket - test cricket. In other words, there will be more ways to play and more ways to bet.

If you are ready to bet on futures or in-play betting, these are the 3 types you can bet on:

1. Test Cricket

2. One Day International

3. T20

Test Cricket

Test Cricket is one of the most complicated ones and it is also the initial form of cricket. One match in this format can stretch out to a couple of days and it has the longest duration of matches of all three. Moreover, it takes 11 players per team and many hours of playing to finish a four-innings match. It is very popular among LuckyMichigan bettors and fans, as it allows watching the course of the game for a long time and feeling the excitement of not knowing the outcome.

One Day International

ODI is a type of limited-overs cricket often called limited-overs internationals which is played for around eight hours. The two international teams of 11 players are going to be faced with 50 overs in a match. One of the most popular sports events, The Cricket World Cup, is played in this format and it is held every 4 years.


The third type is Twenty20 Cricket or commonly referred to as T20. One of the most famous leagues in the world of cricket, IPL or Indian Premier League is played in this format. In T20 each team is allowed to have one inning, which means that there will be a maximum 20 overs.

Betting Odds

Understanding the cricket odds should be the first thing one must learn before starting to bet on this sport. To start with, the odds are available in two formats - decimals and fractions. Regardless of the betting market, you will be able to convert decimals into fractions and vice versa at almost any sportsbook.

Calculating the potential winnings is easy, you just need to multiply the odds you can find at any online sportsbook available at LuckyIllinois by your stake and you will get the precise sum. It is as simple as that.

Making Good Evaluation

To be able to secure yourself great winnings you will need to analyze the game, leagues, past matches and discover what is the best betting opportunity for you. Carefully thinking through your betting strategy will increase your chances at winning. Start by looking at the odds, past matches and even the last-season performance for the team you want to bet on.

Some other factors that could affect the success of your bet are:

Moreover, you can always read some of the season or match predictions by some of the most popular sports analysts. The most important thing is to analyze thoroughly and trust your instinct.

Hopefully, this short guide provided some valuable information to all the cricket bettors out there. Comprising your cricket betting strategy in advance is one of the most important things you need to do before you start creating your betting slip. Now, you are ready to place fun wagers and win some cash.