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Online Casino RTP Stats and Why They Matter

Online Casinos are incredibly popular with millions of players throughout the world logging into their favourite sites each day to enjoy their favorite games and that is mainly down to the technological advancements made by both the online gambling software developers and the hardware developers that houses it.

If you are a lover of slots and have been playing for any length or time or perhaps you have been enjoying watching others playing slots online you may have heard the term 'RTP' a few times - and although you might not actually know what 'RTP' means the very fact that it is mentioned makes it clear that is must have some importance in the world of online slot games.

This article has been created to explain everything you need to know about 'RTP' - what it means when applied to slot games, and also how it might influence your decision about what games to either play or not play.

So, What Does 'RTP' Stand For?

RTP stands for Return to Player and in a nutshell it is the percentage that any slot game pays back to the players over numerous spins which is usually expressed as a percentage.

If we take a look at the popular Fruity King online casino and slots site which provides over 400+ games provided by all the major players in the online gambling software industry each game will have its own RTP percentage. It makes a great deal of sense to play at those sites that use the best games developers as the 'RTP' will be more generous.

Remember the 'RTP' is calculated over millions of spins, so in a short session of a few hundred or a few thousand spins, anything can happen which is exactly what makes slots exciting - the not knowing if it is going to be your lucky day or not and if it is just how lucky?

How The RTP is Set

Of course, behind any simple idea like the 'RTP' is some pretty complicated math. The more elaborate the game is, if it has many features and boasts a large number of pay-lines then the more work the game developers have to put in to make sure that the game returns the correct percentage expected to the players.

However, a slot game is generally programmed in such a way that it does give back the correct percentage of the total money that is put into the game and this is the very reason why the 'RTP' varies. Yet when all is said and done a slot with a 99% 'RTP' will give back 99% of all the money that goes into it over an infinite number of spins.

Sometimes the Variance and the 'RTP' of a game are mistaken, and although the two concepts are very closely related they are not the same thing. The role that the variance of a game plays is that it defines the way in which any slots game 'RTP' is realised.

Those slot games which have a lower variance give out more frequent, smaller wins - those games which have a higher variance usually have a lot of its 'RTP' found in its bonus features which in turn can provide some truly life-changing jackpots. Ultimately it is a personal choice whether a player wants to go for smaller, more frequent wins or try for the mega jackpots on offer.

There is one other, interesting fact about 'RTP' and that is that online slots games have, in the majority of cases, offer a larger 'RTP' to players. Land-based slots are usually set between 70-90% with very few games offering over 92% 'RTP'. Those online slots that fall below 94% are considered not such a great deal, and many have a 'RTP' over 96%.

Land-based venues have limited space, therefore they cannot offer the number of games like an online casino site can, so they have to make more money from the machines they have on the floor to keep up with their running expenses and make a profit too.