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Important factors to consider before beginning to bet on Cricket

Although it may not appear to be the most glamorous sport, cricket is very famous, played, and watched around the world. With an estimated 2.5 billion followers, it trails only football in the popularity stakes with its number of fans. While perhaps players in other sports seem to be more well known globally, there are areas where cricket is like religion.

Hobbies or pastimes like gambling and sports have always been intertwined. It's not unusual when big games or events are taking place, to see fans checking out the betting odds available at a bookmaker or a casino. Many people like to bet on their favorite sport, whatever that may be.

Fans can experience a feeling of satisfaction when they use their knowledge to make predictions about a game that proves to be correct. This is before the possibility of winnings is taken into account, which can leave them feeling very clever indeed. People enjoy the fact that they can make money from a sport that they love.

But for anyone caught up with the notion of making easy cash, beware. It pays to be knowledgeable about cricket, and beginners to the sport should be careful before placing any bets. There are certain things you should be mindful of before getting involved in gambling on the sport of cricket.

What Interests You?

Are you a cricket fan in general or is there one area in particular that appeals to you more? Strangely for a major sport, three different variations are played and enjoyed by the masses.

The three formats available to choose from are, One Day Internationals, Test cricket, and Twenty20 cricket. In each version, the duration of the game length is different. The game of Twenty20 is the newest addition to the sport. It was introduced in the U.K. in 2003 as a shorter, alternative version of the game.

Check the Weather

Poor weather conditions can cause issues that can affect any outdoor sport. Cricket is no different, with games facing a long time delay, or even being postponed during bad weather. No one likes their money being tied up in an event when the finishing time is uncertain, or in doubt in general.

When weather conditions are good, more runs will likely be scored by free-flowing batsmen. Overcast conditions tend to help the bowlers, along with if the weather is quite humid. It's felt this is because the ball tends to move under these conditions, although this still seems to be a big point of debate.

Pitch Conditions


What may seem to be minor details, such as the length of the grass on the pitch, may have a major bearing on the result of the game. The quality of play can suffer if the pitch itself is not maintained properly to a high standard.

Playing surfaces in stadiums can be affected by the climate of the area they are located in. Constant hot weather tends to make the ground surface dry, creating a possible advantage for bowlers. It may be a smart idea if you wish to bet, to look into what occurred in previous matches in particular stadiums with surfaces like these.

Do your Research

Sports bettors sometimes make the mistake of betting with their hearts rather than looking into the information available to them. Fans of a particular team or country are often guilty of this. Despite your favorite team enduring a horrific run of form, the temptation is still there to back them and this trap is easy to fall into.

Research your bets by reviewing and evaluating the match performances of the team you wish to bet on. How the team is preparing can be important, as well as news of any injuries to players. The starting lineup of the team can affect their odds, and chances of winning the game.

Browse different Betting sites

With the number of online casinos and betting sites available these days, don't be afraid to shop around. If you are just beginning to bet, you may be surprised that most of them offer a welcome bonus upon joining the site, followed by constant offers to keep you playing. Sadly, these are not all as straightforward as they seem.

It's important in cricket, as with other sports, to check the different betting odds that are available to you. Some people have preferences for the type of betting site that they use, so look around until you find one you are comfortable with using.

These sites offer a wealth of options in the markets that they offer, varying from the man of the match to the method of the first wicket. The possibility to get involved in live play betting has also become quite popular in cricket, as well as other sports. Online casinos often tend to stream cricket games that you may find hard to watch anywhere else.

A Word of Warning

Just like many sports, cricket can be very unpredictable. This is part of the fascination of why people are drawn to watch and bet on the game. Cricket is a game of skill between the two games, and if you're not sure about getting involved with the sport to make money, there are plenty of other games which revolve around luck that may see you hit the jackpot.

Don't play with money that you have set aside for other things. Betting can become addictive, and what started as harmless fun watching and enjoying your favorite sport, could turn into a financial nightmare. Be cautious with your bets and if you find yourself experiencing a long losing streak, perhaps its best to take a break and come back when refreshed, or quit completely.


With a sport that has such a huge fanbase across the globe, its only natural that people consider betting on cricket to boost their enjoyment of watching the game even more. The temptation is always there to make money from something you like. Cricket comes in three formats, all different, and appealing to people in varying ways.

Before you make a bet, it's important to check what the condition of the playing surface is like, and indeed what the weather forecast is. These issues can affect the players, therefore influencing the results of games. It pays to research teams that you are interested in betting on so you can make an informed decision regarding who you put your money on.

If you are just beginning to gamble on cricket, be sure to check as many betting sites as possible to ensure you get the best deals and odds available. This can prove to make a difference over time. Betting can be addictive, and if you feel you are developing a gambling problem, don't hesitate to contact Gamstop.