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How to Beat Wagering Requirements


What's your first requirement when looking for opportunities to gamble online? If you're like most other gamblers, security is at the top of your list. But right after getting that aspect covered, you start looking through bonus programs.

Bonuses are an excellent method that casinos use to attract gamblers towards their websites. The competition in this industry is massive, so both new and seasoned sites have to include promos in their marketing strategy. As a gambler, this competitiveness goes to your advantage... until you realize that all bonus programs are associated with wagering requirements.

Wagering (also called playthrough) requirements impose a condition to play through the bonus amount for several times before you can withdraw any money. Depending on the casino and promo program, you'll have to play 20, 30, or even 200 times through the bonus amount to get paid.

How do you meet these requirements while benefiting from a bonus?

1. Be Aware of the Terms

When you're after a quick game and you accept a bonus, it's easy to bypass the terms and conditions, especially if you play on phone.

This is the first thing to do: read the terms for the bonus you plan to accept. In most cases, online casinos will provide you with specific conditions regarding the promo, so you won't have to read the entire T&C section. But even if you have to go through a lot of text, do it!

If the playthrough conditions are too much, you can always play casino games with bonuses on another website.

2. Search for Low Wagering Opportunities

If a bonus seems too good to be true, it usually is. By getting a huge deposit match plus dozens of free spins, you boost your balance and get to play more for a small deposit. However, these offers come with high playthrough requirements (usually above 50 times).

The best low wagering casinos in UK offer less impressive bonuses and a lower number of free spins, but fairer conditions as well. It's easier to meet their terms and withdraw your winnings sooner. So before you choose a gambling site to create a profile and submit a deposit, take your time to read reviews and search for casinos with low wagering requirements.

3. Calculate the Playthrough Amount

Math may be boring, but it's necessary when you're gambling with money online. As soon as you read the terms and you decide how much money you'll deposit, calculate the amount of necessary wagering before a withdrawal. In the terms, the casino will state whether you'll wager through the bonus amount or the deposit and bonus amounts combined.

Let's say you agreed to a deposit match bonus that got you extra $20 in your balance with a wagering requirement of 30 times. It means that you'll have to play with at least $600 on the site before you can make a withdrawal.

When you're aware of the specific amount you need to spend, you'll plan your future deposits in a better way. If you already won an amount that covers the playthrough, there's no problem. But if you're stuck with a high wagering condition and you burned through your balance, does it make sense to deposit more money? In that case, it might be smarter to create a profile on another gambling site.


4. Play Slots with High RTP Value

Each slot has RTP (return-to-player) value. For example, Microgaming's Mega Moolah has an 88.12% RTP value. Its payouts are huge, but your chances to win are lower. On the other hand, NetEnt's Mega Joker has a 99% RTP rate. It gives you much better chances to win some money.

When a slot has a lower RTP value, it tends to pay higher amounts to fewer players. If the RTP rate is higher, it produces more frequent smaller to medium payouts.

Even if you win smaller amounts, they will count towards your balance, so you'll have enough credits to meet the wagering requirements and withdraw the money that's left.

5. Deposit a Low Amount and Just Play!

When gamblers worry about the terms and requirements too much, they tend to lose their intuitive drive to gamble on the games they like. Bonuses are meant to be fun, so why ruin them with too many strategies? The truth is: no matter how well you strategize, gambling is still a matter of chance.

According to the casino's terms, you get a larger bonus amount with a larger deposit. But depositing a large amount is counterintuitive, since it instantly boosts the playthrough condition. Deposit the minimal amount, so you won't be crushed if you lose it before making it to a withdrawal. Then, set yourself free and just play!

Stay Safe!

When you see rich people and celebrities gambling, losing seems so easy. But for most of us, losing big amounts is not an option. Online gambling should be safe and productive. This is the most important advice: do not chase a wagering condition with massive bets, unless you didn't win a huge amount. Making one deposit after another doesn't make sense. If you already have enough money in your balance, it's okay to make higher bets with a goal to meet the playthrough requirement sooner.

This is the most important thing to remember: generous bonuses always come with special terms. Read them before you accept any free credits or spins!


BIO: Ashley Boyd enjoys online gambling, especially slots. She loves testing different online casinos and sharing the experience with her readers. Ashley also shares tips on how to play casino games and end up withdrawing large amounts of money.